We hope this website gives you all the information you require regarding the care of your child whilst in our nursery.
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Bole Hill Nursery places great emphasis on the growth and physical development of children in our care through nutrition and exercise.

Our kitchens have two qualified cook on site so all food is prepared freshly every day. This means we are able to meet any dietary requirements needed by a child. We have a four weak rolling nutritionally balanced menu available for inspection, which consists of breakfast, a hot lunch followed by a healthy fresh fruit pudding, followed by a varied tea in the afternoon which can be anything from salad sticks and dips to jacket potatoes with various fillings.

Our catering department has consistently been awarded 5 Stars for its quality and high standard by Sheffield City Council.

Physical Play
The nursery has large outdoor play spaces divided into different areas depending on a child's age and physical development. The astro turf area for the youngest children is open to the fresh air yet covered by a large ornate gazebo to give protection from the sun and rain.

The hard play area is for the older children to ride bikes and cars, and marked out with specific road ways and marking, we teach them road safety.

The extensive garden area with its lawn, flowerbeds, bug area, has a wide variety of structural units from bridges to stepping stones to encourage play and exercise for all age groups. We encourage the older children to plant flowers and vegetables in order to learn how plants grow and wonder how a small seed can develop into something you can eat or admire for its shear beauty.

When the weather is bad our children are taken into the magnificent Tudor Hall located in the main building. Here they find a wonderland of tunnels, ball pools, slides and secret dens to keep them happy and active.

The large Pre-School has its own separate outdoor play area giving the children lots of space to run and have fun on the slide, in the gazebo, or on the rubberised play ground.

The safety and security of all who enjoy our facilities is of the highest importance. From the moment you leave Bole Hill Road and enter the Centre you are on CCTV, which covers the whole site, both indoors and out.

In nursery access to all rooms is governed by coded keypads insuring that no person other than the designed parent/guardian has access to the children in our care.

All areas of the nursery are located well away from the main road, with two sets of child proof gates to each access point to stop and child wandering into danger.
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